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The talent to help your tech startup go faster

Scaling a high-performing team with new talent is like passing the relay baton at full tilt; it needs to be smooth and simple.


Ramp Up is a tech-focused recruitment specialist that gets results. Building teams is what we are good at, know how to do, and have been doing for a long time.

Tailored scaling solutions for tech startups


We get tech startups, where inherently, risk and ambiguity go hand in hand. You work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment and need talent that can keep up — collaborative, innovative, problem solvers; people motivated by ideas and execution.

Helping local teams take off onto the global stage

Our networks are startup-ready people with a growth mindset

Bespoke Solutions

Ramp Up partners with you to find bespoke —made for you— solutions because we work hard to understand your business. Take the whole service, or cherry-pick from our unbundled solutions. Our streamlined processes, established frameworks, and unified technology platforms speed up this workflow, ensuring our teams stay ahead.

Simplified, ally approach

Made for you solutions

Your Talent Partner

From seed to Series B, Ramp Up works alongside you to consult, advise, and act on your behalf to meet your talent acquisition needs. We partner with you towards a common goal, committed to recruiting the right candidates for your company stage, culture & vision, with empathy and optimism. 

We love helping companies grow

We love working with talented people

Focus on now + future-proofing your journey



We come

We've been called a lot of things. 'Nuanced', 'essential', 'fast' and an 'absolute pleasure' among others. We strive to live up to our clients' expectations. 


"They understand the nuance of the startup ecosystem and take the time to build and grow their understanding of our team, culture and hiring needs."

Ben Purcell

CTO & Co-Founder | Datch

"Ramp Up knows the unique challenges in high growth SaaS companies and has great relationships with the type of people we like to hire."

Zainab al-Anbuky

Chief People Officer | Figured

Ali Alomari

CEO & Co-Founder | Cropsy

"Ramp Up takes on feedback well and optimises their search rapidly to ensure great outcomes in the fastest time possible."


We've got your back!



Partnership, responsiveness, and business understanding are at the core of Ramp Up's recruitment service.


Ramp Up delivers permanent, contract and fractional recruitment. We have the knowledge and networks to solve the unique talent challenges faced by rapid-growth tech startups.

Talk to us about our comprehensive recruitment offering or select any one of our unbundled services according to your needs.

Advisory Services

Ramp Up's people strategy is based on partnering with your business to understand and align with your objectives.


We leverage years of experience and expertise working with businesses in the tech sector. We tap into a selected network of top-tier local and international professionals to collaboratively design and implement a strategy that supports your long-term growth.

As you scale, you will need a clear structure to manage the growing numbers in your team so that roles and responsibilities are clear.

Ramp Up Labs

Ramp Up Labs is the ultimate expression of the company's commitment to creating a transparent consultation and strategy process that reduces your business costs and time wasted.


Our bespoke, partnership solutions—including resourcing, policy, research, and strategy—are specific and unique to your business.


Ramp Up Labs is our innovation hub where we create new, custom solutions and look at unbundled services according to your needs.


Connecting you with talent to scale 

Ramp Up's Talent Acquisition and People & Culture services to New Zealand's technology sector offer the benefit of our well-earned market knowledge, people and network connections, and close relationships with many of this country's tech leaders. Our daily conversations with tech industry experts, talented individuals, and company leaders make us your most connected talent resource.  You can expect:

An optimised recruitment process because we know the way to a great hire

Rapid iteration to get to the highest quality candidates better and faster

Simplicity because you don't have to waste time, money and brain space worrying about how to fill roles

Mega hands-on approach because we proactively roll up our sleeves and work with you to get the people, culture, and results right

Time and cost savings. Clear and predictable scaling costs leads to fewer headaches

Peace of mind because you're juggling so many balls you need someone you can trust

More time to focus on your business growth

Future-proofing your journey through sharing experience and advice in scaling a tech startup

Meet the team

A team dedicated to tech-startup success through people 

With a focus solely on tech startups, our team brings a unique blend of innovation, strategy, and extensive networks to help your business reduce costs and gain a competitive edge in the talent market. Our approach is built on collaboration and global insights, ensuring we not only fill roles but also strengthen your teams and enhance operational efficiencies.

Our team


Recruitment & Growth Lead

  • LinkedIn

Lucas leads the creation and execution of customised talent solutions for tech startups, where his role is integral to the client’s success. In particular, Lucas leverages his extensive

experience and commitment to excellence to help tech startup founders and hiring managers assemble the best team for their business.

Lucas enjoys working closely with tech startup founders, functioning not only as an internal recruiter but also fostering connections within his network to advance client business goals.

He values long-term impacts and relationships and adopts a proactive, show-don’t-tell approach to service. Outside work, he enjoys trail running, surfing, pizza making, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Tomy Grossi.png


Tech Recruiter

  • LinkedIn

A Tech Recruiter with a background in psychology, Tommy utilises his deep understanding of the candidate market to serve engineering teams with customised recruitment solutions - making sure to align needs with candidate aspirations so as to ensure long- term organisational success.


He is committed to personal and professional growth, and he values continuous learning and genuine interactions. His work with Ramp Up underpins this commitment because it allows him to connect at a profound level with people to help them

fulfil their own potential.


Beyond recruitment, Tommy enjoys music, sports, reading, and finding moments for reflection.

Connie Grossi.png


Leadership and Talent Advisor

  • LinkedIn

With more than 30 years of experience, Connie serves as a Global Leadership and Talent Advisor to startups, providing strategic people solutions and leadership advice to drive

organisational growth and effectiveness. Her expertise includes people strategy, leadership assessment, and talent acquisition.


Connie is passionate about making lasting impacts on the organisations and leaders she works with and is always eager to learn and improve. Her previous roles have included

significant positions at notable companies, enhancing her desire ability to contribute effectively.


Outside work, Connie enjoys sailing, cooking, and exploring new places with loved ones.

Laia Sastre.png


Operations Manager

  • LinkedIn

Laia manages a range of administrative, financial, and project management tasks to support and allow the sustainable growth of the business. 


Laia's expertise in business management and marketing ensures smooth and efficient operations that align with delivering an exceptional client experience; as well as supporting Ramp Up's approach to customer service and value added.


Laia focuses on self-care and personal development outside of work, enjoying exercise, reading, and connecting with friends and family.

Contact us

Contact us

We are always keen to connect with folks in the tech industry!

​If you are building a team or looking for a high-impact career opportunity - we'd love to hear from you!

+64 22 061 3031

Auckland, New Zealand

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